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Job Seekers

Affordable Staffing is your one-stop destination for all of your staffing needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best qualified, most reliable personnel available.  Please browse the site and get a feel for our company, then give us a call to discuss your staffing needs.  We know you won't be disappointed!!    | MORE

Affordable staffing can attend to your every staffing requirement.  Whether you need to fill skilled technical  or production positions, we will  work  with you to ensure that you get a skilled and reliable candidate.  What's more, we can actually save you money by retaining the candidate on our payroll.
     | MORE

If you are in the market for a job, Affordable Staffing can open the door to a rewarding position with one of our many client companies.  Please feel free to browse the Jobs page by clicking on the button at the upper left.  If you see something of interest, click on the Apply button to fill out an application, which will be sent to us directly.   | MORE

Whether you are are an employer or someone seeking employment, your information is safe with us.  We pledge never to sell contact lists, or give out any information other than what is absolutely necessary to fill a position.

COMMITMENT:    "We are commited to to excellence and providing exceptional customer service to our clients and applicants"

CARING:    "We pride ourselves in establishing one-on-one relationships with our clients and applicants"

CUSTOMER SERVICE:    "We believe that providing exceptional Customer Service is the key to business success, thus keeping our clients satisfied and loyal"

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