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* History and Mission

* Our Philosophy

* Our Founders

History and Mission

Georgetown Professionals LLC, dba Affordable Staffing, was organized as a Limited Liability Corporation on December 30, 2005.  Our Mission is to provide excellent results while maintaining high levels of professional standards and ethics.

We strive to be actively involved in the communities we service through participation in community activities. We believe that it is essential to give back that which we have been so fortunate to receive.

Our Philosophy

We understand the meaning of Teamwork.  We believe that the building and support of a strong team is the core foundation of a sucessful business.  We also believe in relationship building.  We treat our clients and applicants with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  Our team is committed to the satisfaction and sucess of our clients and applicants.

"At Affordable Staffing, Teamwork isn't just a Buzzword."

Our Founders

Jonathan Swisher

Judith McBride

Jonathan Swisher has been in the staffing field since 1994.  He has previously successfully operated several small businesses in New England.  His strong work ethic and proven track record give Affordable Staffing a rock solid foundation.

Judith McBride has an extensive background in the financial disciplines, and experience as a certified appraiser in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Her fairness and social conscionseness lend Affordable Staffing it's unique caring philosophy.


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